Pedals, cranks, axles

Replacement parts for spin bikes: pedals, cranks, axles, foot-holding cages, and straps.

Some parts are not listed in our e-shop: if you don't find your part, ask our staff at [email protected]
All Spinner bikes have two-sided pedals. On one side is the toe cage, which has adjustable straps that allow shoes and feet of any size to slip into the pedals. These straps should be tight enough to keep your feet securely attached to the pedals and give you the most efficient pedal stroke.
One piece cranksets use 1/2" thread. Three piece cranksets (usually better quality) use 9/16".
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  1. Foot-holding cage
    Foot-holding cage spin bike
    Special Price £8.90 Regular Price £15.00
  2. foot-holding
    Spin bike straps | Foot-holding straps for spin bike
    Special Price £5.90 Regular Price £15.00
  3. Bracket axle
    Spin bike axles | BSA 68X122
    Special Price £18.90 Regular Price £42.00
  4. double function pads
    Spin Bike Pedals - double function (SPD)
    Special Price £37.90 Regular Price £60.00
  5. spin bike pedals
    Commercial spinning bike pedals for indoor bike
    Special Price £14.99 Regular Price £34.00
  6. spin bike crank
    Spin bike crank | indoor bike parts
    Special Price £28.99 Regular Price £50.00
    Temporary out of stock, please contact us
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